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Mary Esther Wells was born near Detroit's Wayne State University on May 13, 1943, to a mother who worked as a domestic, and an absentee father. One of three children, she contracted spinal meningitis at the age of two and struggled with partial blindness, deafness in one ear and temporary paralysis [2] At age 10, Wells contracted tuberculosis . [2] During her early years, Wells lived in a poor residential Detroit district. By age 12, she was helping her mother with house cleaning work. She described the ordeal years later:

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The Two Sides of Mary Wells is the seventh studio album by soul singer Mary Wells , released on the Atco label in 1966. By now, Wells' career had drastically changed from just six years before when the then-teenage Wells first recorded songs for Motown . After being promised a movie deal with 20th Century Fox , Wells had left Motown for the label in 1965 only to find herself struggling to get radio airplay. Rumors were that Motown staff, particularly Berry Gordy , told radio deejays not to play Wells' music on the radio leading to a blacklisting of Wells' music. This album mixed traditional pop with more earthier and uptown soul songs. Wells released a modest hit with "Dear Lover", which hit the top ten of the R&B chart.

Mary Wells The Two Sides OfMary Wells The Two Sides OfMary Wells The Two Sides OfMary Wells The Two Sides Of